How Many Fish Can You Keep in Your Tank 

Fish are a popular, low maintenance pet for many people. Very little care is required for fish other than keeping the water clean and feeding the fish. As the fish grow, the tank should be replaced with a bigger one. Fish need room to swim around. Also, when fish are kept in too small tanks, bacteria builds up in the smaller tank quicker and this may lead to the fish’s death. Also, it is important to not keep too many fish in one tank at one time. Many fish owner’s place too many fish in one tank at a time, and this leads to unfortunate consequences. It can lead to lack of oxygen and space, which makes it difficult for the fish to survive. When deciding how many fish to put in a tank, things like the size of the fish and the surface area of the tank must be taken into consideration so the fish can live happily.

The general rule for how many fish to put in a tank is:

“one inch of fish to every one gallon of water.”

This is only a general rule and may change depending on the size of the fish. Each fish, even if they are the same size, will have different needs. Fishes body shapes and lengths vary greatly, so one golden cannot apply to all fish. To determine how many fish can fit in one tank, first measure the surface area of the tank. The math may be bothersome, but it is for the well being of the fish. To find the surface area, measure the lengths of the two top edges of the tank and multiply those numbers. To find the amount of fish that can fit in the tank, divide the surface area by the length of the fish. Use the length to which the fish will grow to and not the current length. That number should give you a close approximate of how many fish can fit in the tank. The number is only approximate, so leave room for more.

Other factors contribute to how many fish can fit in the tank. Whether the tank has plants and water movement affect how many fish the tank can hold. Also, it is important to know the fish’s adult length. Many people don’t bother to research this since most fish are bought before they are fully matured. The fish then end up outgrowing the tank. Consider this similar to bringing a lion cub home, thinking it will remain a cute little cat for the rest of its life. Fish grow just as much as other animals, so this should be taken into consideration.

When getting fish and a fish tank, make sure to get the appropriate size tank and take into account that the fish will grow and begin to take up more space. Avoid putting many fish into one tank without calculating how many fish the tank should hold. Remember that each species is different, so two fish of the same size but of a different species may take up different amounts of room in a tank after all.

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