Help Your Dog to Remain Calm 

Many pet owners with dogs deal with problems concerning their dog’s anxiety. Many dogs get anxious in different situations, be it because of loud noises, unfamiliar people, or a strange environment. Some dogs just suffer from chronic anxiety with no known cause. Dogs express this anxiety in ways that are not healthy for themselves, or their owners. Common signs of anxiety include excessive barking, urinating or defecating, panting, pacing and scratching. Some dogs may even try to escape. These behaviors are certainly in no ways beneficial to a dog’s overall wellbeing. The anxiety itself is an even worse problem. Dog anxiety can cause anxiety for the owner as well. There is a surprisingly simple solution, and that is the Thunder Shirt.

The Thunder Shirt is just that— a shirt made specifically for dogs to ease anxiety and nervousness. The Thunder Shirt is a snug fitting outer garment similar to swaddling blankets used on babies. It encloses the dog in a warm blanket of comfort. The Thunder Shirt fits the dog snuggly, as if it is in the constant embrace of its owner. This will eliminate anxiety over time, since the dog feels safe. Relieving a dog of anxiety is as simple as letting it wear a Thunder Shirt. There is no special training required; just put the Thunder Shirt on your dog, and it will feel at ease within a short period of time.

The Thunder Shirt comes in a variety of sizes, so it will be able to fit any dog, no matter the size. Results can be instant, though this is not guaranteed. Most people who have used the Thunder Shirt on their dog have reported results after the first try, or first few tries. Even if your dog’s anxiety is not cured with the first try, you can try again. Just make sure it is not too tight or too loose; the key to the effectiveness of the Thunder Shirt is the close comfort it provides to the dog. Just as you would not squeeze your dog tightly in a hug, you would not want the Thunder Shirt to fit too tightly. The Thunder Shirt works best before your dog’s anxiety attack has begun, so put it on the dog before it shows signs of nervousness. Once the anxiety is triggered, your dog will no doubt begin to feel relieved in the comfort of the Thunder Shirt. Unlike medications or sedatives, the Thunder Shirt has no side effects. You will no longer have to worry about buying expensive medications or drugging your dog.

If you are tired of hearing your dog bark excessively every time a friend or family member comes over, or when traveling, the Thunder Shirt is for you. These instants will be lessened if not eliminated. The Thunder Shirt works for all dog breeds, and a significant number of veterinarians recommend it. Of course, there is not a 100% guarantee of the Thunder Shirt’s effectiveness. If the Thunder Shirt does not work, there may be a deeper problem with your dog. Nonetheless, trying the Thunder Shirt is taking one-step closer to a happier dog.

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