Dog Whistle Training 

When you are watching a pet dog perform marvelous tricks and stunts following the commands of its owner, do you admire the intelligence of the dog or the patience of its owner? Both? Training a dog is not easy.  It takes time, patience, and a lot of rapport between pet and owner plus a generous helping of treats. Dog whistle training is one technique that you may want to try when you want to teach your pet a new trick.

Many owners teach their pets to follow the basic commands of “sit, stay and come” using their voice or definitive hand signals and, of course, giving the dog the mandatory savory treat when their dog follows, as soon as he does. This instant gratification is very important in initially teaching and then reinforcing your dog’s compliance to the command that you want it to learn.   It may take many repetitions and a lot of teaching time before an average dog will learn to sit, stay and come on command. This technique of using vocal commands or hand signals is both well and good and has proven quite effective over time. However, you as the trainer must also be aware of the limitations of these techniques. What if your dog is too far away to hear your commands? What if there are intervening objects between you and your dog and he will not be able to see your hand signals. What can one do under these circumstances?

Perhaps it is time for you to consider using the dog whistle training technique. A dog has a very keen sense of hearing. It can hear frequencies that a human ear may not be able to discern and can do so over longer distances. Also, when you use a dog training whistle, only your dog can hear the sound of the whistle. You yourself will not be able to hear the whistle, even as you blow on it. Thus, you will not be bothering anyone in the immediate vicinity while you are training your dog.

A dog training whistle can still be very handy even after your dog has learned the sit, stay and come commands. There will be occasions when you and your dog will be separated and he may not be able to hear you vocal commands. When this happens, using the dog training whistle will enable you to keep contact with and call back your dog even he has strayed some distance away from you. Another thing that you should be conscious of when training your dog is to be consistent in the commands that you give as well as in always giving him his food treat each time he follows your command. Any inconsistencies either in how you signal your hand commands, the tone of your voice or on the number of times that you blow on the dog training whistle are bound to create confusion in your pet dog and may cause him to forget what he has already learned.  It is also important to do your dog training in an environment that does not have any distractions like the presence of other dogs or children playing or other adults engaged in other activities. Your dog should be able to concentrate on you and what you are teaching him. Giving out various blasts from the dog training whistle may also prove more effective in this regard.

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