Dog Clothes – Fashion or Necessity 

Animal lovers everywhere will concur that clothes on dogs are adorable, but are dog clothes a thing of fashion or necessity.  Many women will vote necessity and men will probably lean toward fashion.  However, clothing for dogs does have necessary aspects to many dogs, especially the smaller breeds.

Since people of the world live in different climates and different regions of weather, altogether it is important for us as dog owners to protect our pets the best we can.  Those that live in colder climates whether it be year round or seasonal should expect to spend a little money toward dog clothes.  Whether you agree or not, dog clothes offer protection, warmth, and security to many pets.  

Some people breed pets in the climates that certain dog breeds were never intended to be for A good example of this is the Siberian Husky who was meant for cold climates, yet we see these dogs in warm climates such as the southern states.  What many dog owners should know is how to care for their pet’s individual needs even if it does mean buying dog clothes to do this.  A dog that is made for warmer climates will definitely need more warm if they live in colder climates.  Their coat that as given to them by nature may not be enough if they are out of the environment they were made for.  

For dog breeds that have short hair a secure fitting sweater or a winter coat will suffice in helping your pet stay protected and warm.  For animals that live in warmer climates, something a little lighter may be needed.  All in all, you can still have fun picking out the outfits for your pet.  

Some dogs can benefit from doggie booties!  Yes, I said booties or socks for dogs.  You may not believe it but dog’s feet get cold too.  Booties can help them keep their feet warm and also help them from getting cuts and scrapes as well.  

Long hair breeds will appreciate a raincoat in rainy weather or even in winter climates.  It will help keep their coats dry when going out for their daily exercise walk.  Not only will raincoats keep your dog dry but it also helps keep your home clean if your dog is an inside dog.  No owner likes it when he or she gets home from a walk with his or her pet in muggy climates and their dog decides to roll around on the carpet or brush up against the furniture leaving filth to be cleaned up.  Therefore, yes dog clothing is a necessity.    

So, men, when your love brings home a new outfit for your K-9 companion do not feel as if the money spent was a waste because little Rover will appreciate the warmth that the dog clothes bring.  Women it is time to step up and let fashion in the name of necessity take precedence in our pet’s lives.  Who said just because it is necessary it cannot be fashionable?  There is nothing wrong with a sharp dressed dog!

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