Choosing a cat bed 

If you own a cat, then you know how much time that pet spends sleeping, or resting, or basically being down on the floor, not moving. Typically, they will look for the most comfortable location where they can rest and stay in that spot for hours. This can become a problem if their favorite spot becomes your bed or coach, and no one else can use it while the cat is claiming the location for its needs. That's why choosing a cat bed is so important. You want to give your feline companion a worthwhile sleeping location, a place where they can be comfortable, and leave the rest of your furniture alone. Here's what you should look for when you go out to look for a cat bed .

There's a lot of different cat beds that's been made available from many brands. One relatively recent and popular type is the window perch bed, which is basically a perch that you attach to the side of a window, and your cat can climb there to rest right next to the glass, so it can get a good view along with a comfortable bed. This can be useful if you notice your cat tends to spend a lot of time next to the window, however if you live in a place where the outside temperature tends to go down, then the glass itself may become very cold as well, and then this may not be the best type of bed to get. Another weird looking option is a crinkle sac, which is a bed that attempts to simulate a grocery bag. We all know how cats love to get inside of bags, both because of the closed environment and the noise that these bags make, so here they take the same concept but make the interior more comfortable.

Finally when choosing a cat bed you may simply want to opt for the more traditional type of bed, which is a basket style bed that's just big enough for the cat, and with the interior covered in comfortable coverings, where your cat can rest and be comfortable. These typically go on the ground, in a corner, and once you show your cat that's where it should sleep, then typically this type of bed is universally accepted. A few last minute notes to keep in mind is that not all cats agree to go sleep in specially made beds, some just prefer your bed or other furniture, and there's nothing that can be done about that. Still, the vast majority of cats will get used to a cat bed, especially if you provide it early enough after you get a cat. So it's an important piece you should get, along with a litter and other cat toys.

The price for most of these beds is fairly reasonable. Nothing really warrants getting a very expensive one, as the cat won't feel any more comfortable in a bed that costs a fortune as one that's basic yet comfortable as well. It's a good way to condition your pet to sleep at the same place every night and not covert your other furniture.

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