Cat toys 

Just like a kid, your pet cat will also enjoy playing with its own toys, a way of keeping her gainfully engaged while at the same time spending bonding time with you. For starters, you can buy a toy ball for your pet kitten. It will be a good idea to buy a ball in the size that she can manipulate around. Cat toys can be a bouncy rubber ball, a colourful plastic ball or a ball that plays music as it rolls. However, unlike dogs, your pet cat may not be inclined to pay "Fetch!"

As your pet kitten grows older, she can graduate to other kinds of cat toys. You will be surprised at the variety of cat toys there are in the market. Nevertheless, before you make your purchases, it will be prudent for you to watch your pet and try to determine what her preferences are.  Does she like birds?  If so, then you may want to get her some feather toys like teasers or wands that you can dangle to engage her in play. Just make sure that you stow away the feather toy when play is done so that your pet does not eat the feathers and gets sick in the process. Or, if she likes preying on mice, you can get her a few toy mice that you can set up to “run” away from her. It will be well to remember that even if your pet no longer has to hunt for its food, it will still enjoy the predatory actions and movements of a hunt like pouncing, leaping or lying in ambush for its prey but now only as a form of play. You yourself will enjoy watching your pet chase a mechanical mouse, a toy bird or a make-believe bug, capture it and carry it off somewhere just like a trophy from a kill.

You may wish to set up a system of tunnels and climbers for your pet cat should there be a need for her to lose weight. There are also cat toys designed to slowly release dry cat food as she plays with the toy, making her work for her food as part of the fun activity. Your pet may also have her own preferences as to the material from which her toys are made of.  Some cats like natural substances like leather, fur or feathers.

Others may favor materials that crackle or crinkle as she plays with them. She may prefer cat toys that squeak, chirp, twitter or crackle, or wind-up toys that she can chase all around the room. Some cat toys are made to release catnip to add to the pleasures of play.        

Some vets suggest that you do not overwhelm your pet cat by giving it too many cat toys at one time. Introduce cat toys one at a time and try getting them in different size, shapes and textures. You can try a stick with a toy with some bird feathers dangling at the end to induce a pouncing movement.

Just like buying a kid toy, you must also consider certain safety features when purchasing cat toys. There should be no small parts that can fall off and be swallowed by your pet. Do not let your pet play with toys, which can entangle and choke her in the process.  Keep plastic bags away from your pets! 

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