Bird toys 

For those who have pet birds, it is generally seen as necessary to keep the bird in a cage. If not, the bird would certainly fly off and never be seen again. Unlike cats, birds cannot be kept as outdoor pets. Since the bird is kept in a cage all day with only spare time of being let out, it will grow restless in such an enclosed space. Just like dogs and cats, birds can be given toys also. The bird's cage can be modified to contain things to keep the bird entertained. Birds enjoy playing with things such as rattles, or even just everyday items found around the house like popsicle sticks.

Getting exercise is essential for a domestic bird's health. Since these birds don't get to fly around freely like their wild counterparts, they need to get as much activity as possible within the cage. Toys can be store bought or made at home. Most pet stores will carry a variety of toys for birds. Birds like to grab things with their feet. It is best to buy toys that your bird can grasp with its feet. There are rattles designed specifically to be gripped by birds. The bird's cage can be fitted with a variety of things to keep it entertained. A mirror or a ladder is two toys that birds really enjoy. Bird's toys are even akin to children's toys sometimes. Things such as swings, tic-tac-toe sets, and even jungle gyms are made in the perfect size to fit into a birdcage. With toys such as these, perhaps the bird will not even want to leave the cage.

Bird toys do not have to be elaborate or purchased.  Suitable forms of entertainment for a pet bird can be found around the home or made. Just like inquisitive children, simple things easily entertain birds. Thread spools (with the thread removed), popsicle sticks, paper, and poker chips are simple toys that provide the bird with endless entertainment. Birds enjoy toying with the spools with their feet. Popsicle sticks can be given to birds to chew on. Of course, the popsicle sticks will have to be cleaned, or they can be purchased sans popsicle at any craft store. Birds will take the paper and tear it to shreds with their beaks, or simply roll around paper that is crumpled into a ball. Birds also enjoy rolling around poker chips or using them as foot toys.

If you are creative or have the time, you can make your own bird toys.  Bird toys can be created with things already in the home and things purchased cheaply at a craft store. A good idea for a toy is one made from molten bird feathers. Just collect the molten feathers from your bird's cage and attach them to a string. Hang the toy in the cage and the bird will have fun swatting it around. You can be creative and think of things your bird will enjoy playing with, and put them together. Your bird will have as much fun with its homemade toy as the owner had making it.

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