A Happy Bird is a Happy You 

Birds of any kind are a joy to have as pets. Despite the general idea that birds are simple to keep pets, they can be quite challenging to care for. Having a pet bird can be the thing needed to bring a little more happiness into your life. Nevertheless, remember, in order for a bird to make you happy you must make it happy also. Following the basic rules of caring for a pet bird will ensure a long-term companionship between you and your beaked friend.

The first and most important aspect to bird care is choosing the right pet bird for you. There are thousands of types of birds, and you must choose the bird that you will be able to care for efficiently to suit your lifestyle. When choosing a bird, make sure you are choosing a healthy bird. Go to a reputable pet store. Healthy birds are energetic and have feathers that possess a vibrant sheen. An unhealthy bird will sit on the bottom of its cage or hide its head under its wing. Once you choose your bird, it is best to take the bird to an avian as soon as possible. The vet will check the bird's health and give you advice on how to care for the bird.    

Birds need an adequate home just as humans do. Smaller birds can be kept in cages but larger birds will need aviary. If your bird will be in a cage, the cage should be as wide as two-three times it's wingspan. The bird should have enough room to move around and make short flights. A cage or aviary should be equipped with more than one perch, preferably of natural wood. There should also be toys in the cage to keep the bird entertained.  Also, line the body of the cage with newspaper or other items such as kitty litter or wood chips for the bird to eliminate on. Make sure to clean the cage regularly, just as you clean your own house.

A bird's diet should not be more than 50% seeds and nuts. The diet of a pet bird should be varied and include things like fruits and vegetables, or even bits of meat. Any food that is safe for you to eat is safe for your bird. Birds prefer to eat from feeders or wide bowls. Exercise is just as important as feeding. Your bird should be allowed to fly freely outside of the cage for periods throughout the day. Of course, your house would ideally be "bird safe". All doors and windows must be locked. Avoid cooking at times the bird is flying, as odors can be harmful to the bird. Your pet bird should get exercise within and outside of the cage regularly.

Give your bird lots of attention and closely monitor it's needs. See that is bathed and groomed on a regular basis. Trim the bird's feather and beak or have an aviary vet do this.  Birds also like to take baths, so allowed your bird to wallow in a shallow bath of water. Following the steps needed to take care of your bird will not only result in a flourishing, happy bird, but a happy owner as well.

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