How Many Fish Can You Keep in Your Tank

Fish are a popular, low maintenance pet for many people. Very little care is required for fish other than keeping the water clean and feeding the fish. As the fish grow, the tank should be replaced with a bigger one. Fish need room to swim around. Also, when fish are kept in too small tanks, bacteria builds up in the smaller tank quicker and this may lead to the fish’s death. Also, it is important to not keep too many fish in one tank at one time. Many fish owner’s place too many fish in one tank at a time, and this leads to unfortunate consequences. It can lead to lack of oxygen and space, which makes it difficult for the fish to survive. When deciding how many fish to put in a tank, things like the size of the fish and the surface area of the tank must be taken into... Read full article

Are Bunnies Good Pets For Kids?

If you are reading this article then you are probably looking for more information regarding whether bunnies are good pets for kids. A house rabbit may seem like the perfect pet for your child as bunnies look cuddly and cute. However it is important to point out that bunnies do not behave in the ways which are typified in children’s cartoons and stories.   Some children are too young to be able to care for a rabbit appropriately and it is true that many bunnies will claw and kick when they are picked up and sometimes they do not enjoy being held. It is also important to point out that bunnies are very delicate animals and when they struggle to get out of the hands of a child then this can cause them various injuries such as broken bones. Bunnies are also... Read full article

Dogs on a Beach

Dogs on a Beach
Dogs are an important part of our lives. They provide companionship, loyalty, and entertainment. As our society grows to appreciate our best friends more, we see an increasing number of places that welcome them.     One place dogs love is the beach. It is a dream spot for them. They love the fresh air, cool breezes, the variety of scents, and the opportunity to explore. Different beaches have different rules. Some, sadly, do not allow dogs at all, but others allow dogs on a leash or even free-roaming dogs. When seeking out a dog-friendly beach, it is important to follow proper etiquette so everyone can continue to enjoy the beach with their best friends. It is also important to take precautions against some of the dangers that can lurk on a beach. Most... Read full article

Pets Summer Activities

Summer has arrived and many families and their pets will spend extended hours outdoors under the sun. Pet owners must take note - dogs and cats shows a growth in ailments in the summertime.   Pets Should Have Fun with Caution Pets are treated more often during the summer because of their increased exposure to the outside. Dog owners really should be careful of overdoing summer activities along with their pets. Heat can result in sunburn as well as heat stroke. Admittance to pools can result in dog ear infections or a worst-case scenario, a pet accidentally falling right into a pool and drowning. Statistics underscore all about summer-month precautions. Cats and dogs were treated usually for hyperthermia (heat stroke) in July and August and increasingly for insect... Read full article

Human Foods that are Toxic to Cats

Having a pet cat, most owners want do to everything with their cat. Playing, sleeping, and sometimes even eating; however, eating with your cat is not such a great idea unless the cat is eating its own food. Many of the foods that humans eat are harmful and even fatal to cats. It may be tempting to give a cat a bite of a brownie a give a cat a bowl of milk, but these foods actually harm cats. Cartoon cats may eat things like lasagna, but it generally isn't safe to feed cats food that is prepared for humans. Cats need to eat a balanced diet of food specifically made for cats, or that is safe for cats to eat. Here are some foods that cat owners should avoid giving to their cats, and prevent their cats from having access to.   Giving a stray cat a bowl of milk is a common... Read full article

Should I Get a Second Bird?

Should I Get a Second Bird?
Birds are gorgeous, lovely animals that can make amazing pets. Those that enjoy being handled can become best friends, even going anywhere with their owner. Many people enjoy their friends so much that they want to grow their family. Bringing in more birds may seem like no problem to some people but there are a few things to consider. Before deciding whether or not getting a second bird is the right choice you should first think about why you want one. If breeding is your purpose then of course you will need a second one, there is no doubt there, but if it is more for companionship then there should be some thought put into the decision first.   Picture source: Eclectus parrots by Marie Hale, on Flickr Those who want a second bird because they think... Read full article

Don't Leave Your Pet Unattended in a Parked Car

Don't Leave Your Pet Unattended in a Parked Car
If you are one of those pet owners who take their pet everywhere you go, you must ensure that your pet does go with you and is never left inside your parked car.  This is especially important in the summer time when temperatures can really soar to more than 100 degrees. If you have to take your pet out with you, you should plan your trips to make sure that you will be allowed to bring your pet with you anywhere you go.  The worst thing that can happen is you have to leave your pet behind inside your car when you have to enter a building where no pets are allowed. Picture source: anti botox brigade by emdot, on Flickr   Leaving anyone inside a parked car, especially in the summer when it can be very hot even under the shade, can be disastrous for anyone.... Read full article

Camping with Your Pet

Going camping in the great outdoors is something that many families look forward to when Summer time comes around. As the camping date gets nearer, everyone in the family usually becomes very excited in anticipation of all the fun activities that are usually in store for each one. If there is a family pet, usually a dog or even a cat, it must be included in the overall preparations, to make sure that the camping trip is not marred by any untoward incidents. Bringing your pet along with you for this event will entail its own set of precautions, some of which may have to be done, many days before the actual departure date. First on the list of things to do for your pet is a visit to the vet to make sure that all vaccinations are up to date.  It will be advisable to tell your vet... Read full article

Dog Whistle Training

When you are watching a pet dog perform marvelous tricks and stunts following the commands of its owner, do you admire the intelligence of the dog or the patience of its owner? Both? Training a dog is not easy.  It takes time, patience, and a lot of rapport between pet and owner plus a generous helping of treats. Dog whistle training is one technique that you may want to try when you want to teach your pet a new trick. Many owners teach their pets to follow the basic commands of “sit, stay and come” using their voice or definitive hand signals and, of course, giving the dog the mandatory savory treat when their dog follows, as soon as he does. This instant gratification is very important in initially teaching and then reinforcing your dog’s compliance to the... Read full article

Choosing a cat bed

Choosing a cat bed
If you own a cat, then you know how much time that pet spends sleeping, or resting, or basically being down on the floor, not moving. Typically, they will look for the most comfortable location where they can rest and stay in that spot for hours. This can become a problem if their favorite spot becomes your bed or coach, and no one else can use it while the cat is claiming the location for its needs. That's why choosing a cat bed is so important. You want to give your feline companion a worthwhile sleeping location, a place where they can be comfortable, and leave the rest of your furniture alone. Here's what you should look for when you go out to look for a cat bed . There's a lot of different cat beds that's been made available from many brands. One relatively... Read full article

Pet Porte Smart Flap Cat Flap

Pet Porte Smart Flap Cat Flap
Cats are one the greatest pets to keep in a house.  They offer companionship, do not require a lot of picking up after, and are small enough to go inside or out on their own.  All that you need is a pet door to accommodate that last part.  The only drawback is that while they can go in and out without any problems, so can other cats in the neighborhood...until now.  Thanks to some very creative scientists in the United Kingdom, there is now a device that you can put on your pet door that will allow your cat to go in and out, yet keep stray cats out.  It is called the Pet Porte Smart Flap Cat Flap.  While this may sound like science fiction so were cell phones and the internet in 1969.  So how does the Pet Porte Smart Flap Cat Flap work?  The... Read full article

Cat toys

Just like a kid, your pet cat will also enjoy playing with its own toys, a way of keeping her gainfully engaged while at the same time spending bonding time with you. For starters, you can buy a toy ball for your pet kitten. It will be a good idea to buy a ball in the size that she can manipulate around. Cat toys can be a bouncy rubber ball, a colourful plastic ball or a ball that plays music as it rolls. However, unlike dogs, your pet cat may not be inclined to pay "Fetch!" As your pet kitten grows older, she can graduate to other kinds of cat toys. You will be surprised at the variety of cat toys there are in the market. Nevertheless, before you make your purchases, it will be prudent for you to watch your pet and try to determine what her preferences are.  Does... Read full article

Dog Clothes – Fashion or Necessity

Animal lovers everywhere will concur that clothes on dogs are adorable, but are dog clothes a thing of fashion or necessity.  Many women will vote necessity and men will probably lean toward fashion.  However, clothing for dogs does have necessary aspects to many dogs, especially the smaller breeds. Since people of the world live in different climates and different regions of weather, altogether it is important for us as dog owners to protect our pets the best we can.  Those that live in colder climates whether it be year round or seasonal should expect to spend a little money toward dog clothes.  Whether you agree or not, dog clothes offer protection, warmth, and security to many pets.   Some people breed pets in the climates that certain dog... Read full article

Keeping House Clean With Pets

Anyone with pets can attest to the fact that pets have the potential to make big messes. With the scattered pet hair, waste, and generally untidiness pets cause by moving throughout the house, keeping the house clean while animals are about is no easy feat. Other circumstances add to this effect. For example, if you are a pet owner with children or frequent visitors, keeping the house will be doubly difficult. However, with some simple tricks and planning, keeping a clean house will prove to be very doable. A good idea is to keep a portion of the house in which pets are not allowed. Animals have a tendency to spread hair and bacteria where they go. Keeping a portion of the home sectioned off or off limits to pets will decrease the area over which the germs are spread. In addition,... Read full article

Using an Auto Pet Feeder

Owning and caring for a pet is very time consuming indeed. A pet is a living creature, and requires basic needs that all living creatures require. This includes feeding, grooming, and exercise. People with careers and busy lives may find it difficult to always be there for their pet to provide the pet with those basic needs. In more extreme situations, a pet sitter may be needed, but pet auto feeders can take the place of an owner in providing food should the owner be absent for short periods of time. Pet auto feeders make life easier for both the owner, and the pet. Pet auto feeders are machines that dispense food automatically while the owner is not present. Most pet feeders are easy to operate and assemble. The majority of pet auto feeders simply require the owner to fill the... Read full article

Helping Garden Birds to Survive in the Cold

Cold, long winters are harsh for anyone, including animals. While humans have the luxury of indoor heating and warm beverages, animals, such as birds, do not. Garden birds have a difficult time surviving during the winter. In fact, a percentage of them do not. During the winter, temperatures are much lower and food is scarcer. The insects these birds feed on are dead or hibernating, and the cold temperatures make more difficult to find plant life to eat, as all the trees are bare and the land may be covered in snow. The rivers and lakes become frozen, meaning the birds will get less water. Because of these conditions, birds may have to rely on the aid of humans to survive. Since birds' resources in nature are limited during the winter, they will flock to the backyards of... Read full article

Small dog breeds

Small dog breeds are loving, affectionate and playful dogs that make wonderful pets for anyone. Because of their size, they fit into anyone’s lifestyle, even if they live in an apartment or small home. Small dog breeds are loved by children and make great companions for elder adults. There are a few things to consider when you are looking for a small dog. A small dog generally weighs less than twenty-two pounds and is shorter than sixteen inches, although some are lighter and shorter while others are heavier and taller. Small dogs are easy to pick up, carry around and transport. Some can be cuddled in one’s lap. All small dog breeds can be trained to learn commands, although some learn quicker than others. Some owners are concerned with dog shedding. While some small... Read full article

Why Pets Don't Make Good Gifts

It is never a good idea to surprise someone with a living, breathing bundle of fur, no matter how well meaning the thoughts that go with it.  Owning a pet carries with it a certain degree of responsibilities that will mean devoting time, effort as well as financial resources to maintain the pet. It is not a good idea to present a single friend who is living alone with a companion pet without first checking whether the pet will fit into the friend’s lifestyle.  What if his work takes him away from home for long periods of time?  Even one weekend alone, may spell disaster both for the pet and its new owner. A dog left alone in an apartment may bark all night long and be a reason for the neighbours to call the police in to intervene. Or worse, what if the new owner is... Read full article

Caring for older dogs

Just like a person getting on in years, an older dog would need a different tender loving care regimen than it did as a puppy. If you and your dog had been together since you were a kid and he was a puppy, chances are he would now be much older in dog years than you would be in human terms. The smaller breeds tend to live longer than the giant ones. A Great Dane or a St Bernard may be very old at six years of age.  You may still be in your prime but your big dog would now be a doddering old mutt. He may no longer as “intelligent” as he was before and may now take a lot longer time to teach him any new tricks.  He would probably be suffering from the same old age symptoms like osteoarthritis, loss of hearing, loss of his teeth, listlessness, kidney problems,... Read full article

Bird toys

For those who have pet birds, it is generally seen as necessary to keep the bird in a cage. If not, the bird would certainly fly off and never be seen again. Unlike cats, birds cannot be kept as outdoor pets. Since the bird is kept in a cage all day with only spare time of being let out, it will grow restless in such an enclosed space. Just like dogs and cats, birds can be given toys also. The bird's cage can be modified to contain things to keep the bird entertained. Birds enjoy playing with things such as rattles, or even just everyday items found around the house like popsicle sticks. Getting exercise is essential for a domestic bird's health. Since these birds don't get to fly around freely like their wild counterparts, they need to get as much activity as possible... Read full article

How to feed your fish

Now you have purchased your aquarium and the fish to fill it with, what kind of fish food do you need to use? This is the question that many people ask if they have never fed fish before. Finding the right kind of food will depend on the type of fish that are in your tank. The proper feeding of your fish is essential for them to get the right nutrients and calories they need to thrive. But not only do different fish need different types of food, they also feed differently as well. The main reason for the failures of keeping fish in an aquarium is usually when they either use too much food or supply them with the wrong type of food. Overfeeding can result in an aquarium that becomes filthy with fish waste in a short period of time. To correct this you should only feed your... Read full article

Train your cat to use a scratching post

Cats naturally love to jump, climb, hide, play and scratch. Scratching is an instinctive method of marking a territory. It is impractical and unfair to expect cats to stop scratching entirely. To prevent damage of your home furniture, provide a scratching post in an area a cat can claw. What is a scratching post? It is usually a wooden post wrapped with rough stuff such as textile or fabric, corrugated fiberboard and the like.  Since it is inevitable for cats to scratch, you may just choose the right kind of a scratching post so as not to deprive them from doing so. The one that is made up of sisal mesh fabric is one of the best kinds. You just have to make sure that it measures 24” and above. Why do cats scratch? Naturally cats would want to take off... Read full article

Solve Your Dog's Barking Problem

The largest form of inter-species bonding is between humans and dogs. This is where the nickname "A Man’s Best Friend" is derived from. Dogs are the ultimate companion and will be there for you when no one else is.  However, what comes with all that love and devotion comes the awful noise of barking as well.  People have been dealing with the dog barking problem for as long as dogs have been domesticated. There are dog-training courses available but sometimes they do not always help. Some dogs bark more than others do. Thankfully, there are products available that can control dog bark problem without harming the animal. Many products help to put an end to dog bark problems. Several products offer a completely humane way of handling any barking problems... Read full article

Help Your Dog to Remain Calm

Many pet owners with dogs deal with problems concerning their dog’s anxiety. Many dogs get anxious in different situations, be it because of loud noises, unfamiliar people, or a strange environment. Some dogs just suffer from chronic anxiety with no known cause. Dogs express this anxiety in ways that are not healthy for themselves, or their owners. Common signs of anxiety include excessive barking, urinating or defecating, panting, pacing and scratching. Some dogs may even try to escape. These behaviors are certainly in no ways beneficial to a dog’s overall wellbeing. The anxiety itself is an even worse problem. Dog anxiety can cause anxiety for the owner as well. There is a surprisingly simple solution, and that is the Thunder Shirt. The Thunder Shirt is just... Read full article

A Happy Bird is a Happy You

Birds of any kind are a joy to have as pets. Despite the general idea that birds are simple to keep pets, they can be quite challenging to care for. Having a pet bird can be the thing needed to bring a little more happiness into your life. Nevertheless, remember, in order for a bird to make you happy you must make it happy also. Following the basic rules of caring for a pet bird will ensure a long-term companionship between you and your beaked friend. The first and most important aspect to bird care is choosing the right pet bird for you. There are thousands of types of birds, and you must choose the bird that you will be able to care for efficiently to suit your lifestyle. When choosing a bird, make sure you are choosing a healthy bird. Go to a reputable pet store. Healthy birds... Read full article

"Potty" Training Your Cat

Training your cat to use a litter box can be a daunting and challenging task, much like teaching a toddler to use the toilet. With a cat, there is not the advantage of using diapers. If a cat is not trained to use the litter box, it will eliminate in places that will leave the owner having to do unpleasant clean up. It will take dedication to get a cat into the routine of eliminating in a litter box. Both owner and cat must work together to reach the goal of getting the cat into a routine of regular litter box usage. There are fairly simple and easy ways to train your cat to use the litter box. First off, you must choose the appropriate litter box. This is essential to train your cat to use a litter box. The ideal litter is clumping and not scented. If your cat is from a... Read full article

Sensible Food Options For Your Pet Rabbit

Your pet rabbit requires a fine quality diet to remain strong and content. Serving them prime quality meals is one method to guarantee that the pet receives the food intake, supplements, and nutrient it requires. Rabbit meals really should simulate a rabbit's diet in the wild. Quality meals ought to incorporate superior fiber content of more than 20%, and less than 15% required protein without any animal proteins.  As well it should contain close to 1% of a calcium supplement and fats. Rabbit pellets are typically made from oats, alfalfa, and timothy oats. The best quality pellets are made from timothy oats with 100 percent natural ingredients. Younger bunnies need to have a considerably larger amount of store-bought pellets than mature rabbits as they are constantly... Read full article

4 Summer Pests to Watch Out For

Summer can be a great time of the year for you and your pets to go outdoors, but it is also a time to be cautious.  A changing weather pattern of heat and rain creates the "perfect storm" for summer pests that can play havoc with your pets.  Here are four of them to watch out for during the hottest months of the year.   Tapeworm A tapeworm is a long, flat worm that attaches itself to a pet’s intestines.  The best way to tell if your pet has a tapeworm is to check their rear end for small white segments that look like grains of rice.  Fleas are the usual hosts to tapeworms so make sure to have effective flea control as far as prevention.  Pets can also get them from eating raw meat infected with tapeworm infections.  Lastly,... Read full article

Brushing Your Pet's Teeth is Easier than You Think

Although you know you need to brush your own teeth daily, you might be surprised to learn that you should be brushing your pet's teeth daily, too.  Whether you have a cat or a dog you should be sure to provide dental care for your pet as their teeth are subject to the same risks of plaque and tooth decay as are human teeth.  Ideally, you will start your pet's dental care when they are very young, a time when it is easier for your pet to get used to you touching inside her mouth.  However, you can learn to care for your pet's teeth even if your pet is older. To start home dental care with your pet you should start with just your finger.  You can dip your finger in tuna juice for cats and beef broth for dogs.  This may just convince your pet to... Read full article

A Dog for the Family

Every child needs a dog with which to grow up.  It's a given that children and dogs do go together and when you have decided that it is time to get a family dog, one of the very first questions generally asked is what breed of dog is best?  This is a good question, but not the only one on which to focus.  After all, breed is only one thing that will determine whether a dog is a good match for your family.  Common breeds that are suitable for families include Labrador, Golden Retriever, Poodle, Australian Shepherd, Cocker Spaniel, English Bulldog, Boxers, Whippet, Bichon Frise, Beagle, Norfolk Terrier, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Having given this list of breeds as suitable for families, let's go back and talk about the other things that will... Read full article

Guinea Pig Care

A guinea pig is a wonderful furry friend to have and if you are thinking of getting one or have recently brought one into your home, then you need to know how to care for it.  Guinea pigs are very social animals and to have one as a pet means that you need to be prepared to give it the attention it needs.  Guinea pigs also like to eat, so be ready to set up a feeding schedule and stick with it. The first thing you should know is that guinea pigs are not actually pigs.  They are a rodent and their native home is South America.  There are three types of guinea pig that are kept as pets: the Smooth-coated, the Abyssinian, and the Peruvian.  You can tell the difference between these just by looking at their fur.  The Smooth-coat has short glossy fur, the... Read full article

What You Need to Know Before You Get Your First Cat

You have made the momentous decision of getting a cat.  However, if you have never owned a cat before you may not be sure where to begin.  The very first thing you should know about getting a cat is that these are very independent creatures and yet they require a lot of attention.  They love to curl up on a lap and snooze and if they don't get the attention they want, then they will demand it by walking all over your newspaper or computer keyboard.  Each and every cat has a unique personality that will become a permanent fixture in your home. The next thing you need to consider is whether you can have a cat where you live.  If you own your own house, then you won't have any issues, but if you rent an apartment or a house, then you will need to be... Read full article

How to choose dog toys

Just like children, dogs can also use toys to keep them busy and encourage exercise. Choosing dog toys is not an easy task since there is such a large range of toys on the market and one may be confused on which toys are best. Here are some tips to help you choose the best toy for your dog.   Before you start looking for the right toys for your dog, make sure you know the dog’s size, breed, behaviors and chewing habits. With that in mind your search will be easier and exciting. Always have your dog’s safety in mind while making your choice.   Choose a toy that is specifically for dogs. Toys made for other pets or kids may get torn and may not be convenient for your dog. For example, some balls will just get destroyed and may not last... Read full article

Tips for taking care of pets in winter

When winter comes knocking, we all huddle around fire places wearing the warmest clothes we can find. Getting warm in winter is very important otherwise we could end up catching a cold or other grave medical conditions. Winter being the holiday season, you don't want to spend it cooped up in hospital while other people who kept warm make merry and simply enjoy the holiday. The same goes for pets. Rarely do we give consideration to the warmth requirements of pets and how to adequately take care of them in this cold season. Pets, like humans, are highly susceptible to cold related health problems during the winter season. It is very important to take care of them during this season to ensure that you have a healthy pet to cheer you up throughout. Pets, like human beings,... Read full article

Give the Dog A Good Nights Sleep

Everyone likes to have their own personal space where you can curl up and forget about the troubles of the world. Dog lovers will attest to the fact that dogs have their own minds. They need to be well taken care of so that they can take up their role as guards or best friends effectively. To achieve this, individuals are advised to get the right dog bedding to help enhance the dogs comfort and make it happier.  There are different types of dog bedding you can get like: Orthopedic dog beds - these are the best options for dogs that have medical conditions or the older dogs. They have firm mattresses that offer great support to the animals. This allows the dog to get enough, rest especially if the dog is active and needs a good nights rest to face the next day with... Read full article

Overfeeding Your Pet: Accidental Animal Abuse

There is a type of animal abuse that is prevalent amongst many different kinds of pet owners: overfeeding. When you hear the term "abuse" you tend to think of beating your animal or underfeeding, but indeed overfeeding your animal can lead to health problems as well. Now, this isn't to say that owners who give in just a bit too frequently to their animals' pleas should be stripped of their furry friends and stoned in public; it's mostly a crime of innocent ignorance. This article should provide you with knowledge of the dangerous effects of overfeeding as well as information on how much you should feed your pets on a daily basis. Dogs Perhaps the kings of scavenging and begging for food are dogs. Who can resist those puppy eyes peering up at you from... Read full article

Setting up an aquarium

An aquarium is a microcosm of the sea at large. It can sustain one or thousands of fish. Even a small fish tank becomes a tiny ecosystem which require oxygen, light and of course water. But even the most simple of fish tanks needs to be regarded seriously to avoid killing the fish. One important note: Aquarium fish keeping is a fun hobby, but can be discouraging when newly purchased fish die. For this reason setting up an aquarium properly from the start will minimise fish deaths. Like humans, fish have their own unique bio-rhythms which if ignored can be catastrophic! So from the simple goldfish to the more exotic piranha, aquarium owners need the right products to accommodate different fish. You should also be aware of basic rules before you buy a fish so that the fish is... Read full article

Know what food your dog needs

Choosing the right food for your dog requires understanding the bodily need of your dog. Depending upon the age of the dog you must pick food best suited for your dog. The dietary requirements of a puppy will be very different from that of a growing or a full grown dog. If your dog not looking as healthy in comparison to other dogs his age, check his diet. The dog's responses and behavior are to a large extent dependent on the food that he eats. Your visit to the local pet food store or shopping online may leave you a little bewildered as to the plethora of choices you will find under dog food. So here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing dog food: Ideally, a healthy diet for the dog must include 40% of meat, 50% vegetables and the rest should be carbohydrates.... Read full article
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